We work with individual students and families

There are many activities that Counseling-4-College can provide to help your student through high school and during the college application process. Our sincere goal is to personalize these activities into meaningful experiences. 

The first step is a free consultation to determine if Couseling-4-College is right for your family. It is a time to ask questions, design a program, look at a menu of services, and determine a fee schedule.

Many parents ask us, "What colleges have you gotten students admitted to?" Our response is, "We don't get students admitted, they get themselves admitted, and we provide direction."
Your family can chose from any or all of the following services:

  • Study skills strategies
    • Learning styles inventory
    • How to study for tests
    • How to take notes
    • How to read and outline
    • Developing an organizational plan that works for your student
    • Looking at available technology 
  •  Four year planning
    • Goal setting for the future. We help identify appropriate high school and post-secondary goals so that we can establish a pathway for achieving these goals.
    • Individualizing the student's course selection for their time in high school 
    • Identifying courses that will meet the state standards for public college admission, NCAA eligibility adjusted to meet additional college requested standards
    • Using curriculum mapping to ensure appropriate course sequence
  • Evaluation of the high school experience 
    • GPA
    • PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP/IB and SAT-II test scores
    • Course work
    • Extra-curricular activities, community service, work, leadership, and athletics
  • Career assessment
    • Your student will take a career interest inventory (based on the Holland Codes)
    • Interpretation of the inventory and what careers are available
    • Looking at post-secondary education to match your student's career aspirations
  • The college process
    • Creating a college list appropriate for your student
    • Helping with the application process
    • Creating a timeline for applications and scholarships
    • Helping to write the college essay
    • Discovering books and resources that will offer additional information about colleges
    • Creating strategies for attending a college fair, visiting a college and doing well during a college interview
  • Financial aid
    • Searching for available scholarship
    • Helping with the FAFSA process
    • Developing the CSS Profile
    • Giving guidelines for interpreting a college financial aid award letter
  • Help if there are learning difficulties
    • Looking for appropriate accommodations such as a 504
    • Researching colleges that have programs for the learning disabled student
  • Serving the needs of special population students
    • First generation, immigrant or low income students and what college opportunities are available  
    • NCAA-eligible athletes
    • We will provide help with: 
      • the application process
      • strategies to pay for college 
      • scholarship searches
      • identifying colleges that will accept you
      • athletic opportunities and the NCAA rules for recruitment  
  • Transition Activities 
    • Planning for the college experience
    • Helping parents "let go"

For a free initial consultation, contact us today at:


We work with students in Colorado primarily from the Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, Brighton, Thornton, Westminster, Golden, Longmont and Broomfield areas, and have worked with many students along the front range.

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